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Welcome to Guitar Instruction by Charlotte Adams! Enjoy plenty of lessons on the site that are for any level player and apply to all styles of music. Also, be sure to check out the site menu for a wide range of articles about learning and playing guitar and for information on instructional materials and personal instruction.

To access over 150 video, audio, and text lessons, sign up for my Virtual Studio at Limitless Guitar. While you are on the site, discover how to become your own best guitar teacher—with all the support you need— through guided self-study!

Thinking about private lessons, workshops or intensives  at my Texas Hill Country studio outside of Wimberley? Please contact me. (As an added bonus to the lessons, I can pretty much guarantee you will love the country drive, the beautiful land and the lovely horses and various critters who live here!) And, if it’s not a good time to travel to Texas, join me for private or group lessons via webcam. They are a lot of fun and amazingly productive!


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