Comprehensive Guitar Instruction (DVD)


Do you want to acquire information that will open the doors to indefinite growth and knowledge of the guitar? Comprehensive Guitar Instruction by Charlotte Adams  is an 85-minute DVD that is packed with the information you need, regardless of the style of music you play! You will find instruction on accompaniment styles and rhythm playing, lead playing, ear training, right hand technique (both fingerpicking and flatpicking), and left hand technique. In addition, you will learn how to construct, play and use scales for riffs and leads. And, by acquiring just the music theory that guitar players need, you will discover the secret to soloing over changing harmonies!


In addition to the topics covered, tips and exercises are scattered throughout to help you to quickly learn the guitar fretboard and to develop both creativity and great technique. Most importantly, I tell you not only what to learn, but how to learn it. An entire section of the video is devoted to learning tactics, including  memorization skills, visualization, and use of  the internal ear.


Use the first viewing to get “the big picture” of the musical puzzle. (When you know where you are going, it’s a lot easier to get there!) Then, start with the topic most relevant for you and go from there. The more deeply you study the entire DVD, the more quickly you will become the confident, creative, and masterful guitar player you envision yourself to be!



Comprehensive Guitar Instruction by Charlotte Adams

Introduction (Basic chords, learning the fretboard and how to use the video/dvd)

Chords: accompaniment and rhythm playing

Single notes, scales and melodies

Ear training

Note reading, memorization and learning tactics

Theory and practice of lead playing

Includes two enclosures for reference and study.




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