Moving On: Beyond the Basics

If you are comfortable (or maybe even a little bored?) with playing songs in the first position on your guitar, and would like to add interest to your guitar playing, then you are ready for Moving On: Beyond the Basics. (If you don’t know your first position chords yet, check out Getting Started.) In Moving On, you will begin by learning to play songs in a variety of styles – folk, bluegrass, rock, and blues. The songs will use chords you probably know, but will include some frills: a bass line here, a lick there, and some new strumming and fingerpicking patterns. Examples are shown in both standard notation and tab.

You will also play new chords up the fretboard, as you learn the theory and mechanics of barre chords and moveable chords. You will be introduced to scales and you will learn how to use them to play melodies.  You will also learn to read music by following a natural and painless method. (Be prepared to impress yourself!) In short, you will take an enormous leap in your playing.


The final chapter (note reading) includes classic as well as original melodies. Although most of the music is written for one guitar and all of them can be played solo, there are a few pieces arranged for two guitars, for those who might enjoy playing with another guitarist. Songs include single note melodies as well as music in two lines, and the chapter concludes with a chord melody with an alternating bass. (Really fun!)


The instruction is clear and easy to follow, so your learning will be stress-free. You are not required to follow the material in strict order, but can play what interests you in at any given time. In fact, you are encouraged to work in different areas simultaneously, to maximize learning and enjoyment.

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Moving On: Beyond the Basics of Guitar Playing
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Reviewing the Basics: Names of the notes; Notes on the staff; Note recognition; Note writing; Notes on the fretboard; Understanding the fretboard

Rhythm: Time signatures; Rhythm exercises; Using the metronome; Exercises for developing and improving technique

Barre Chords and Chord Progressions: The theory and mechanics of barre chords; Practicing common chord progressions

Songs: The Water Is Wide (fingerpicking pattern, descending bassline); I’ll Fly Away (combining fingerpicking patterns); Trouble In Mind (shuffle rhythm, blues lick); Little Pearl (strumming patterns, barre chords)

Scales: How to construct scales; How to play scales (two major patterns and one pentatonic); Using scales to improvise or play by ear

Note Reading: Philosophy and approach; Exercises and songs



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