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Welcome to Guitar Instruction by Charlotte Adams: lessons, workshops, articles, advice and comprehensive instructional materials for beginning through advanced guitar players, including guitar instruction books, DVD’s, CD’s and video downloads.


How can Charlotte help you with your guitar playing? Design your own program using her instructional materials (guitar instruction videos, DVD’s, downloadable lessons, books, CD’s, and practice aids), study the free lessons which are continually available on this site and sign up to get free weekly lessons by email. You can also study with Charlotte at a workshop, personalized intensive, or private lessons, which may be taken either in person or via webcam. Charlotte can help anyone achieve the level to which they aspire!



Charlotte lives in the Texas Hill Country, surrounded by woods and wildlife, but still within reach of the Austin music scene. The music of her horses snorting and munching in the paddock and the songs of the coyotes in the distance are as integral to her creativity as the jazz or rock and roll streaming from her house on the hill. Guitar players of all ages and levels travel the winding, unpaved road to her Wimberley, Texas studio to benefit from her lifetime of conscious teaching.

Even though experienced guitarists and music teachers seek instruction from Charlotte, her teaching is not just for the seasoned guitaristCharlotte provides the beginning guitar player with a solid technical and musical foundation and evokes enthusiasm, confidence and commitment. Her ability to present concepts clearly and concisely makes learning easy and fun, while her capacity to organize and prioritize material ensures rapid progress. In addition, her empathetic and intuitive nature guides her in addressing the learning style, needs and goals of each student, whether in a private lesson or a group.


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