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Information and pricing on private guitar lessons with Charlotte. To learn about what the lessons are like, go to
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Private guitar lessons vary in length and are scheduled to accommodate the needs of the individual. Students who live locally (Texas Hill Country) typically come to a 45-minute lesson once weekly. Students who drive more than an hour to their lesson may choose to schedule lessons that last 1 – 3 hours (or more) and occur at less frequent intervals. It can be very productive, for instance, to come to a 2 or 3-hour lesson once monthly. If you would like a “checkup” between visits or have questions about your work, it’s easy to schedule a lesson by webcam or telephone. 


Skype lessons are available on either a one-time or an ongoing basis. I have been amazed at how easy and productive long-distance guitar lessons can be! If your computer doesn’t have a webcam, you can purchase one at prices starting around $20.00. If you have a laptop, you may already have a webcam built into your computer. My webcam is HD and required no accessories – I just took it out of the box, plugged it in to the USB port and was ready to go. It’s easy and fast to register with Skype and the calls are free. You can get all the information you need and find quality, reasonably priced cameras at their site.



I also offer Guitar Intensives, which are ideal for students who travel from a different city, state or country for private (and possibly some group) instruction. Choose the number of days that you want to stay in the area and the total number of hours that you want to study with me during your visit and I will create a curriculum that addresses your goals and meets your needs. Guitar intensives must be booked a minimum of 45 days in advance and require a 50% deposit. Contact me to discuss the possibilities.


When considering a lesson, keep in mind that I can assist you with all aspects of your playing,  whether in  person or by remote. I can help you to learn songs of your choice, right on the spot. (If I can hear it, I can play it and show you how, as well.) We can work on rhythm playing, lead playing, theory, note reading, transcription and playing by ear. I can even help you with your own compositions and guide you regarding posture and healthy body use – and much more. Lessons are fun and easy; my mission is to not only help you to learn more about playing guitar, but also to help you enjoy the process! 


Please email me with inquiries or to schedule lessons or intensives. 


Guidelines for Scheduling a Long-Distance Guitar Lesson:

Email me to request a time slot. Include several times/days that will work for you and I will reply with one or more options for your lesson time. When requesting a time and scheduling a lesson, keep in mind that I am in Texas (Central Standard Time).

Once we have confirmed your lesson time, you can send me the telephone number or Skype address that you would like for me to use for the call. If the call is international, please inform me and I will send complete instructions. Your lesson(s) and contact information will be confirmed by email. 

If you’re unsure how to estimate the time needed, just let me know and we can schedule a short session with an option to extend it, if called for. It is sometimes even possible to have a guitar lesson, spend some time working through what you learned, and call back the same day for a check up or clarification. 






If you would like to purchase a gift certificate for lessons (any denomination), email me.


One of my students, Austin singer/songwriter Tricia Mitchell, is so enthusiastic about her lessons by webcam that she recorded a youtube video to tell others about how it works. It’s posted on my youtube channel, so if you want to hear her describe her experience, just go to charlotte1guitar on youtube. (Thank you, Tricia!)

For information on group lessons, workshops, and weekend retreats go to this page and stay in touch with the calendar. Guitar workshops and retreats are really fun and participants always take a big leap in their playing and in their understanding of the guitar!



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