Becoming Unstuck – Everybody gets stuck sometimes in their playing. In this article, I give you ways to get out of those inevitable ruts.

The Basics – If you are a beginning guitar player, start with this information. If you’re a seasoned player, check it out to see what you may have missed or forgotten!

Ear Training – Ear training is essential for all musicians. Here’s how to get started.

Buying a New Guitar – Buying a new guitar can be confusing and even intimidating. This article provides help with choosing a guitar and with navigating the shopping experience.

Metronome Use – Every musician can benefit from practicing with a metronome, but most people resist using it. Here’s how to make peace with this important tool.

Extended and Altered Chords – Extra numbers and letters confusing you? Read this!

Guitar Practice (Part 1) – Discipline, attention and how to practice.

Guitar Practice Plan (Practice, Part 2) – How to optimize learning in each practice session.

A Guide to Efficient Practice – Just what it says!

Pain Free Guitar Playing – Guitar playing shouldn’t be painful, but it often is. This article presents ways to avoid or heal the pain.

To Read or Not to Read – This is the age old question for guitar players. This article will help you answer it.

Playing With Others – Music circles, jam sessions and get-togethers should be fun and productive – and they can be with these tips.

How You Look At It – You can dramatically improve your learning and performing by the way you use your eyes. Read about how to do it!

Small Hands – Don’t be discouraged if you have small hands. (I do and it hasn’t held me back a bit!) Here’s what you need to know.

Left-Handed Guitar Playing – Are you a left-handed guitar player – or should you be? Read this to learn more.

About the Capo – Even if you have played guitar for a long time, you may get confused about the capo and keys. This article will help you sort it all out.

The Three-Focus Approach to Guitar Mastery – Practice alone will not lead you to guitar mastery. Find out what two other elements you need.

Phonics, Reading Readiness and Music – Questioning the way music is traditionally taught.

For Teachers – Support and ideas for guitar teachers. Join the discussion!

Ukulele? – Want to have some fun? Pick up a uke!

The Starlettes – What, you don’t remember the Starlettes? You must meet them!

Do I Really Have to Sing? – Read this article to find out!