Transcription and Arrangement


Do you need a lead sheet, transcription of a guitar solo or arrangement of an original song? I can provide either standard notation or tablature for the song or song portion you send me. Just submit your request and I will reply with a cost estimate.


If you are interested in learning part or all of a guitar piece, but don’t necessarily need to have it written out, I can help you in a Skype lesson. I will listen to the piece when we meet and will walk you through how to play it. It’s really a great way to go, because you will be able to witness the transcription process and ask questions along the way.


Do it Yourself


Have you wondered if you could create your own transcriptions or arrangements? You absolutely can and I can help! As you study and learn these skills, you will not only have the satisfaction of playing the music that you love the most, you will also experience a dramatic growth in your creative and guitar playing abilities.


The best way to begin learning to transcribe music is to include the study of ear training in your daily practice. By working with A Guitar Player’s Guide to Ear Training, you will improve your ability to hear the melody and chords in a song and will expand your knowledge of the musical language. Overlap your ear training with a study of basic music theory, where you can gather more transcription tools and top it all off with the tips in Chapter 9 of Learning to Play Lead Guitar (Analyzing and Transcribing Solos) for everything you need. And don’t forget that I am here to assist in lessons and consultations, either in person or by Skype.


Lessons by Webcam





All of the following services are provided by Charlotte Adams. Because each project is unique, prices are not listed.

ooooo Lead Sheet

ooooo Melody notated in standard musical notation with chord symbols above it

ooooo Arrangement (Original Creation)– written or recorded

ooooo Chord melody arrangement, written in standard musical notation and/or recorded; tab available upon request.

ooooo Creation of a guitar solo, recorded onto CD and written in standard musical notation, tab available upon request.
ooooo (Please include with your order a description of your level of playing in this area to ensure you receive the optimal lead for you!)

ooooo Transcription of a guitar solo
To receive a quote, please send a recording of anything you wish to have transcribed to

All creative work will be copyrighted. By purchasing a service, you will be granted the right to both use the work personally and to perform it in public. You may not legally record, sell or share either the written or recorded work. If you would like to buy the right to use the work for profit, please contact to negotiate right of use.



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