Thoughts on Fun

In contemplating the fun/frustration cycle that I addressed in a previous post, I’m questioning what constitutes fun for most people and why people who shy away from work tend to do so. I’ve gathered observations over many years regarding the way different people define and respond to work, but that’s a subject for another day. Right now I’m thinking about fun!
Here is a list of some of the qualities that I consider to be characteristic of a fun experience:
We are in the moment; we are completely present
We possess an absence of self-awareness; we are uninhibited
We have a joyful and childlike sense of wonder
We are void of expectations
We feel unbound by rigid rules
We have a willingness to laugh and play; we allow our sense of humor to run free
If we are able to access these qualities during practice time, will we increasingly enjoy the challenges in our work? I think that habitually pursuing and engaging in playfulness, wonder and presence and disallowing inhibitions, expectations, rigidity and self-judgment makes our practice time not only more enjoyable, but also more productive. In addition, by cultivating these qualities we increase our creativity!
What are your thoughts? What does fun mean to you and how do you bring it into your life and musical practice?

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