What Students Say


Please take a minute to read the comments and stories from a few of the guitar players who have, as one so aptly put it, “crossed over” as a result of Charlotte’s teaching!

About lessons…

“I’ve played for over 20 years and have taken lessons from many good players, but until I met Charlotte Adams I never had a really good music teacher. In a short time she took what was potentially confusing theory and made it understandable and applicable to a non-professional player. I highly recommend her.”
Bob Soave, New York

“I have sought out the finest guitar teachers in the cities I have lived: Ted Greene in L.A,  Ronny Lee in New York and Charlotte Adams in Austin. As a result, I have received the highest quality of instruction, to which I credit my success as a professional musician and guitar teacher.”
Neil Astor, Austin, Tx.

“My first encounter with Charlotte Adams occurred while I observed her perform at a famous Austin landmark some 20-odd years ago. My desire to sing and play like she did led me to her studio the following month for private lessons. While I had initially been impressed with her performance, I soon became aware of her innate teaching gift which brings out the best in each of her students. Charlotte managed not only to help me with my music, but to overcome my longstanding performance anxiety .

I began my music studies over 33 years ago. For the past ten years I have enjoyed a very successful piano studio. One reason I have such an extensive waiting list is that Charlotte has helped me understand and apply clarity and insightfulness in teaching. Her expansive knowledge of music theory, technique and overall musicianship is absolutely invaluable. I’ve been able to apply the lessons I’ve learned from her not only to my music career but also to my life.”
Marcia Liddon, San Diego, Ca.

“I am so loving my guitar lessons with Charlotte. I took classical guitar for a year before I found Charlotte, the guitar goddess. After a year of classical lessons, I felt like I didn’t really know my guitar very well, we had only surface level conversations. But with Charlotte, I feel like I’m developing an intimate relationship with my guitar and it’s becoming a great friend. Every once in a while, in this life, we are lucky to come across gifted teachers who teach from the heart. Charlotte is one of those teachers. She knows her stuff! She creates a safe space where I can play and she knows just the right thing to say or the right book to use.

She had me singing and playing a new song after the first lesson. When I arrived at her studio for that first lesson, I honestly, literally had never considered singing with my guitar. You can imagine how much fun I’m having now!”
Lisa West,  Austin, Texas

“Before I started taking lessons from Charlotte, I would practice and practice my songs and never really seem to get any better.  However, after practicing and learning the exercises Charlotte suggested (and not yet even mastering them!), I have noticed a DRAMATIC difference in my playing.  Not only am I more relaxed and efficient, I am much more comfortable with moving on the fret board.  It has really surprised me.  I have not noticed that with any of the other teachers I worked with.  AND, please note that it has not taken me 3 hours of continuous practice each day to see serious improvement.  I have found that if I do 3 exercises for 5 or 10 minutes per day about 4 days a week, I see improvement immediately — within the week.  That totally works within my busy schedule.  Charlotte’s exercises and her positive teaching attitude have significantly improved my playing and quickly.  Amen, sister!”
Tanya Winch, Austin, Texas

Ms. Charlotte Adams has been my guitar teacher for almost one year. Truly a professional, her holistic approach to teaching by providing the musicianship required to continually improve has brought my understanding of music to a level that I never realized I could begin to achieve or enjoy. Charlotte’s         method of teaching has enabled me, a beginner,         to indeed, have the confidence and encouragement to continue my guitar studies to achieve my goal of eventually being able to play a jazz guitar. In addition to her holistic approach to teaching, her patience and inherent understanding of people and their individual needs as a student set her apart from the prior teachers I have studied with and, indeed, make her unique. I travel 160 miles every two weeks to take a two hour lesson with Charlotte. As with all of her students, my instruction does not stop there. Charlotte will always take phone calls and emails to answer questions and / or provide additional instruction.

Larry Simonette, President, Central Texas Jazz Society
Salado, Texas

About workshops…

“Although I had played guitar for over thirty years, I was stuck at a modest level for many of those years. Charlotte Adams’ course broke me free to a higher plane of understanding and a level of playing skill I was never before able to reach.”
Anthony Toprac, Austin, Tx.

“. . . I gathered a tremendous amount of information in a compact package which was presented in a way that I could easily understand. It is an extremely efficient and practical course for people who want to learn music.”
Michael Gerlach, Austin, Tx.

“This course helps you cross over from ‘just playing’ to improvisation.”
Sally Witkowski, Austin, Tx.

About workshop/retreats…

“…the group intensives with you were invaluable…”

“…Getting to know everybody was so fun…made some new friends!”

“…It’s the first time I’ve been excited about playing in a long time !”

“…This was such a wonderful weekend. It was stupendous!”

“…I just got finished with an email to a friend who asked about the retreat.  Well…I’ll bet you a silver dollar that she will be at the next retreat.  She just doesn’t know what she is missing. I’m still on cloud 9.  I went into the retreat with a half-ass attitude because I didn’t know what to expect.  I’m always skeptical about new experiences.  I’m also very shy and reserved in a group setting.

About 3 weeks ago I had someone interpret my natal chart. My sun and moon is Sagittarius in the 3rd house.   My rising sign is Virgo.  Virgo’s statement is “I analyze” and key phrase is “I need to analyze, discriminate and function with efficiency.”   Though sociable, I tend to be shy and not very self-assertive.  Yea- that’s me at the retreat. I feel I’ve spent many lifetimes on the sidelines, watching others in their interactions.  I’ve lost touch with my inner child.  The retreat really helped me to be involved and learn how to Play!!    Working with children also helps me to heal and nourish my inner child.  I’m constantly challenging myself and realize I must step back into the center of life’s vitality.

So – When you ask me about the retreat and what my impressions were.  Well – there are so many different levels.  I can say… Oh, the food was fabulous. I had a breakthrough with modulation and movable chords.  One person became a mirror.  Another person and I connected. BLAH BLAH BLAH.

More importantly I grew spiritually and reconnected with my inner child.  I picked myself up off the sidelines and became involved. The retreat was an experience that will linger and follow me throughout my life -”


“…Thanks for caring enough about us to organize the retreat. I learned so much. I am so much more comfortable with playing, singing and just being with my guitar in general (if that makes sense!)   I liked the dome and thought it to be the perfect place to gather. It was HEAVEN having someone cook for me AND clean up. WOW! I felt like a queen. They even had dessert with lunch. Now that is over and beyond what they needed to do to make me happy. WAY OVER!  I thought it was extra sweet that you sewed us all pillows and tennis ball sleeves. Thanks for that nice gift that keeps on giving.  Oh, and it was great having Celena there giving massages. It made being there even more like I was doing something nice for myself. Thanks a bunch, Charlotte. It was great for me and I’m in for next time -”


“…The retreat provided me with a nurturing atmosphere to play and just “be” in. I really felt like, for the first time, I wasn’t self-conscious about my playing because nobody was judging me. I experienced growth in my self-confidence being surrounded by so many wonderful women of different ages and skill levels who were accepting and supportive. I was probably the least skilled there, and everybody was patient and helpful – we learned from each other and became friends. Each person there had so much to offer from their own varying perspectives and travels down the path. Charlotte’s retreat was a catalyst for giant steps down my own path on many fronts, including understanding and playing the guitar, making new friends, physical health, and inner peace. Thank you Charlotte! I hope to attend every one from now on!”

Peace, love, and music

… Thank you so much for the retreat! It was so wonderful in so many ways!! I feel so much more inspired about playing. I have been learning some new songs since I got back. I’m also feeling really excited about learning theory inside and out! I could clearly tell for the first time how knowing music theory could really compliment creativity when it comes to writing music, so I am excited about getting started on doing both!! It was great meeting everyone else and playing together!!! And wonderful to see you, the kitties and the horses and to take in the nice fresh country air. : ) Sleeping in the tipi was marvelous and relaxing! The whole experience was really healing and restorative for me. Thank you so much for everything! Also, I got really spoiled on your delicious cooking!

Take care –


The guitar retreat with Charlotte Adams was spirit lifting, encouraging and, well, perfect. Perfect because every moment of it was just what I needed. I could not think of a better way to spend two and half days in the nature of the beautiful Texas hill country. While taking in valuable insight from playing different picking patterns to playing lead and on to wrapping my head around the theory of it all, my sense of self motivation and confidence was greatly lifted. Everything Charlotte does seems to be with full intent to create a peaceful, open, loving environment. Every meal she cooked for us was wonderful and from love. I don’t see how anyone could attend a guitar retreat with Charlotte and not leave feeling whole, rejuvenated and peaceful.

Ashley Monical

I have to tell you what a great job you did with the retreat.  I didn’t know what to expect when I committed myself for the weekend.  I only hoped for some time to play the guitar with a few women.  But I got so much more out of it.  I certainly never expected all your great homemade meals – tailored to our needs, wow!  You outdid yourself J  I loved all the women there; we were a good fit for each other.  I had a wonderful, relaxing time just sitting around with everyone, eating, talking, playing guitar, walking around your beautiful land.

This weekend gave me new life with my guitar; I’m inspired.   I’m already looking forward to next year’s retreatJ  I hope you decide to do it again next year, and if you do, I hope I get an invitation. Thanks so much for everything.


About lessons via webcam…

Thanks for the addition of your weekly 2012 lesson emails.  They are the new icing on the cake for a hungry devoted student. The lessons seem to be remarkably timely and extremely simple to follow.

After a  rather weak stream of less talented teachers, it was refreshing to find you online a while ago.  Although I realize there is not an end to the the tunnel of learning to play the guitar, I can now see that the train is whistling down a scenic marvelous track.—–full of knowledge, tidbits, fun and as the engineer a super master guitarist and prolific author, Charlotte Adams.

Each week I have the pleasure of traveling to Texas via Skype to spend some time with you. Odd how we dressed alike the past few weeks.  Now i can only hope to play the guitar alike. But, as you say, it is just matter of keeping the fingers strumming on the strings and being dedicated to reaching for one’s own individual goals.

Gil, Delaware

Tricia Mitchell, who is a singer-songwriter based in Austin, Texas, felt motivated to record a youtube to describe her experience with webcam lessons. If you would like to see it, check it out on my youtube channel, charlotte1guitar. 

About instructional materials…

Hey Charlotte,
I’m really enjoying your instructional video and study materials. I
love many things about how you have organized material, the creative
flair of a guitar shaped 3-ring binder makes me smile, and I love how
you address being a FEMALE guitar player. Thanks for inspiring me to play music!

Sara M.

…the dvd will be a great tool to work with.  It’s very well put together.  You did a great job.


About transcriptions and arrangements…

You did a WONDERFUL job on the arrangement.

It was just what I was hoping for! I would be hard pressed to find another person who would have done such an outstanding job. I know you worked really hard doing these arrangements for me and I just wanted you to know again how much I appreciate the effort!!

…Thanks again for doing these for me.  You are awesome.

Columbus, Ohio

Another fine job – it looks great. The transcriptions you have done of my songs are very special to me.

You are a very pleasant and professional woman and I loved working with you!

New Jersey

I think the world is treating me well. You have done a wonderful job of the transcription. It’s what I expected and you did it. Great and well done!

I am happy that you will soon be able to start work with the second transcription. This is exciting!

You know I liked your work and that is very true. Yes I am excited and I wish I could have you around daily to carry me through my learning process.




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