Downloadable videos

The videos on this page are available as downloads or as DVD’s. The price for a download is $7.95 and the DVD is $9.95+S/H.

Please note that the complete course of instruction, Comprehensive Guitar Instruction by Charlotte Adams,  is available only on DVD (it is not downloadable), as it is 80 minutes long and includes enclosures that contain information essential to the content. I have described Comprehensive Guitar as a complete course of instruction, rather than a lesson. By contrast, each video listed below is a single lesson, focusing on a specific skill or concept. Please check this page frequently, as the list of videos will grow. If you are interested in seeing a particular topic covered, or would like a custom instructional video, please contact me.

Instructions for downloads

Please be aware that the downloads are not “on demand” and will take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours for you to receive. If you are in a country with a time zone significantly different from the U.S, it could take as long as 8 -10 hours. (Think email.)

After you place your order for a download, you will receive an email that contains a link to the page where you can download your video. You will want to save the video to your computer (or burn it), as you will only be able to download it one time. You will find instructions in the email that will help you with a successful save.


The Lessons


Metronome Use for Guitar Players

This video covers listening to and playing with the metronome, practicing exercises, determining tempo, understanding note values, choosing a metronome, and more. Running time: 21 minutes

Video Download – $7.95DVD – $9.95

Fretboard Familiarity

This guitar lesson contains basic, essential information for any guitar player. Whether you are new to the guitar or are one of the many guitarists who have played for years but are held back by not being able to spell quickly on the fretboard, you will put an end to that limitation by understanding and practicing the concepts presented on this video. Both note finding and barre chords are covered. Running time: 13:30.

Video Download – $7.95DVD – $9.95

Pain-Free Guitar Playing

In this video, I demonstrate the exercises that I suggest on the pain free page, as well as a several new ones. Breathwork is included. Running time: 12 minutes

Video Download – $7.95DVD – $9.95


Comprehensive Guitar Instruction by Charlotte Adams – a comprehensive course of study, available on DVD. For a complete description, click here.