Practice Cards for Guitar Players
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Practice Cards for Guitar Players is a collection of flashcards that I patterned after the homemade flashcards that I used for my own guitar practice many years ago. In recent years, I have made flashcards to use at guitar workshops to help participants increase their fretboard familiarity and shift their learning of relevant theory into high gear. Helpful as the guitar flashcards have been, it became clear to me that I needed to provide a more expanded and portable collection of cards, so I have developed this collection of practice cards for guitar players and created a guitar album to hold them.

There are a total of 10 decks in the collection, with over 140 cards in all. They are printed on quality, durable card stock and many of them are 2-sided and in full color. Most of the cards are 2 ½ ” x 4″, but the “images” cards are 4″ x 5″. Although many of the practice cards can be used in the way that traditional flashcards are used (one at a time), most of the decks are designed to be used in combination for self-test and daily practice. Since the guitar flashcards can be combined in so many ways and are so efficiently designed, they provide countless drills, exercises and opportunities for self-testing. Although they are simple to use and most of the decks are self-explanatory, full instructions and suggestions are included. There are even two decks designed to increase and stimulate creativity!

Because the scope of musical information and knowledge addressed by the cards is so broad, the collection is useful to beginning and advanced guitar players alike. Although the collection of cards facilitate knowledge of a wide range of information, the cost is comparable to simple sets of flashcards that only drill the notes on the fretboard or on the staff! So, even if you are only interested in one or two of the skills or concepts offered, you get a great deal, because you will have all of the guitar flashcards you need, plus an album to carry them in and the bonus of the right-brain cards.

Practice Cards for Guitar Players are organized in a unique, handmade album that will remind you of your guitar and can travel easily with you or even pop into an electric guitar case or a gig bag. You will want to pick up your album of Practice Cards daily, whether you have your guitar in hand or not. Just think of the practice time you could log in while waiting for an appointment or in between tasks around the house! When you start working with the practice cards, you will be amazed at how quickly you excel in your playing and knowledge of the guitar and how much you enjoy the process!
The Practice Cards Collection contains the following decks: Note Names; Notes on the Fretboard/Notes on the Staff; Scales and Modes; Scale Degrees; Chord Qualities; Chord Tones; Intervals on the Fretboard/Intervals on the Staff; Chord Numbers; Words; Images

Full album out of stock. 5-deck set (below) currently available.

If you are interested in the cards, but would like to purchase only the five most popular decks, you may now do so. The decks included are: Notes on Fretboard/Notes on the Staff, Chord Qualities; Scales and Modes, Chord Tones and  Intervals. They come in a royal blue velveteen pouch, as opposed to the handmade album, and are only $18.95.

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