Make Every Music Lesson Matter!


How many times have you wondered if the time you invest in lessons or practice is as productive and enjoyable as it could be? Everybody goes through slumps sometimes, but with the proper knowledge and tools, you can step out of those ruts, minimize frustrations and maximize progress. And, regardless of your current skill level or the instrument you play, you can acquire these tools in one 2- hour workshop!


In this workshop for adults, teens and parents of young music students, you will:


Learn to make your practice time efficient and effective. Receive a wealth of tools to use every time you practice, including how to properly warm up, handle mistakes, memorize, make repetition work for you and more. You will also discover the best ways to fit practice into your busy schedule!


Use visualization and auditory recall to boost your learning. Learn how to put these critical tools to work to maximize learning and retention.


Explore sound and the ways that you attend to it. Listening is the most important aspect of playing music, so bringing awareness to your listening is addressed first and foremost. Bonus: You will get to make some noise!


Gain emotional skills that are critical to effective and enjoyable practice and performance. From cultivating emotional detachment to achieving calmness and avoiding or releasing performance anxiety, you will feel empowered by the information in this section!


Gather tips for creating a great relationship with your teacher. Find the teacher who is the best match for you and cultivate a relationship that truly nurtures your musical and personal growth.



Check the calendar page for dates and times. Advance registration is required. To register, contact Charlotte Adams at 512-842-1435 or