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Sites Related to Guitar Instruction 

A Passion for Jazz!  – History of jazz music origins, styles and musicians featuring photo gallery, timeline, festivals, webcasts, piano and guitar chords, scales and online lessons

Guitar Site – Your guide to over 2000 Guitar Resources and Music Sites!

Folk of the Wood – acoustic instrument info: banjos, mandolins, dobros, dulcimers, accessories and instruction

Guitar Man Acoustic Guitar Tips – care, preservation, maintenance & playing tips…and more!

Frets – Information and expert advice on care and maintenance of the guitar – for players and luthiers

Twelvemonth Music – a site with information and materials associated with the visualinear tablature guitar series.

You Can Play Guitar – Billboard top rated instructor Scott Morris offers free online guitar video lessons. – ActionTab is a free site that uses an animated fretboard to show  users how to play various songs without using tab or music score

MyGuitarWorkshop Guitar Lessons and Music Theory – Provides guitar lessons, instructions and music theory for all level guitar players. Articles, software, downloads, tabs, guitar chords, scales and modes in an easy graphical displayer.

Free Guitar Lessons – Learn popular songs with free and detailed videos lessons from
Sting, Eric Clapton, The Beatles & more.

Online Guitar Books – Books for guitar teachers and players.

Cardiff Guitar Lessons – Guitar Teachers in Cardiff and the surrounding areas. Lessons for all levels.

Lessons That Rock – Guitar Lessons in Los Angeles and Orange County is the largest guitar jam-& backing track library and contains 360 free jam- & backing tracks

Djent Hub – Articles and buyers guides to help you master the guitar. – Could YOU make a living TEACHING GUITAR? Find out at!

Maggie’s Music – From the deep well of our ancient Celtic traditions

Magic Music – Sharing happiness and fun through music education!

Guitar Tutor – Professional guitarist sheds light on the fastest and easiest method for playing guitar!

The Adult Music Student Forum – Providing resources and encouragement to non-professional adult musicians striving for growth in musical skill and understanding

Guitar Lessons by Brian – Guitar lessons for all abilities and all ages.

Sites Related to Instruments, Accessories, Equipment, Recording

Beginner Guitar HQBy guitarists for guitarists

Fatdog Custom and kool guitars!

Intimate Audio – A guitar site devoted to intimate musical recordings and independent musicians

Recording Connection -an established music industry school where students train for careers as professional recording engineers

Drum Loops– offers drum loops, acid loops, and hip hop samples for modern music producers, plus music production tips & tutorials, beat contests, & music contracts for modern musicians

Musician’s Health

Alexander Technique  – an intelligent way to solve body problems

Musicians and Injuries – Valuable information and a wealth of resources; highly recommended

Musician’s Health – Created by a chiropractor, this site focuses on health and wellness as pertains to musicians

Pedro de Alcantara – The Alexander Technique for musicians: books, articles, and seminars.

Miscellaneous Music-Related Sites

GalacticSurf – Entertainment gateway featuring latest news, music and movie critiques along with product and website reviews.

Metronome – A site to listen on line to models of metronomes from Wittner, Matrix, Dr Beat, Seiko, Intelli and others.

Benefits of Music and Music Ed –  informational and inspiring article from Stars & Catz

Musical Starts – Starting students positively on piano and guitar lessons

How to Download Garageband Music Software on PC – an updated and  comprehensive guide

Logic Pro X for Windows – an app for creating music!



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