Woman to Woman

Comprehensive Guitar Instruction Video/DVD (Note: This is the original video. It contains the same information as Comprehensive Guitar Instruction by Charlotte Adamsbut with an interview at the end.)

Woman to Woman Guitar is a unique guitar instructional video, designed for the guitar player who wants to acquire information that will open the doors to indefinite growth and knowledge of the guitar, regardless of style. Unlike most guitar instructional videos or DVD’s which present a guitar “lesson”, this comprehensive course of guitar study can take you from being a guitar player with basic skills to an expressive and accomplished guitarist. The DVD covers accompaniment styles and rhythm playing, lead playing, ear training, right hand technique (fingerpicking and flatpicking), and left hand technique. In addition, you will learn how to construct, play and use scales for riffs and leads. And, by giving you just the music theory that guitar players need, I am able to reveal the secret to soloing over changing harmonies.

I divided this instructional video/dvd into sections that you can study separately and expand upon indefinitely. Within these sections, I provide tips and exercises to enable even a novice guitar player to quickly learn the guitar fretboard and to develop creativity as well as technique.

Most importantly, I tell you not only what to learn, but how to learn it. I have spent over thirty years developing methods to make learning the guitar straightforward and efficient, and I share these methods with you in this Comprehensive Guitar Instruction video. I devoted an entire section of the video to instruction in note reading and memorization skills, including the use of visualization and the internal ear.

In addition, you will find tips throughout on such topics as negotiating the guitar fretboard with small hands, avoiding injury and dealing with performance anxiety.

Working on your own

If time or money constraints keep you from being able to take guitar lessons, or if you simply prefer working on your own, this is the guitar instruction video for you. For the price of one guitar lesson, you will have a complete course of study at your fingertips, any time of the day or night. And, if you have questions or need help, I’m available for continued support. If you would like help as you work through the material, you can make an appointment here for lessons by webcam, telephone or email.

Working with a teacher

If you are working with a teacher, Woman to Woman Guitar will be invaluable to you. My students use the video to help them structure their practice and to provide close-up examples which they can view repeatedly. The video also provides a broad overview of the path to becoming a complete guitarist. When you know where you are going, it’s a lot easier to get there!


Woman to Woman Guitar

Introduction (Basic chords, learning the fretboard and how to use the video/dvd)

Chords: accompaniment and rhythm playing

Single notes, scales and melodies

Ear training

Note reading, memorization and learning tactics

Theory and practice of lead playing


Includes two enclosures for reference and study.