Guitar Workshops and Retreats

Take a rapid leap in your guitar playing! Regardless of your age or level of experience, you will be able to fit into and enjoy one or more of the many guitar workshops and retreats available.  In addition to the 1/2 day and one-day guitar workshops for men, women and  teens, I offer Texas Hill Country Guitar Retreats twice yearly for women. (See below)
Check the bottom of this page and stay in touch with the calendar for upcoming guitar workshops. Feel free to request a time or organize one in your area. I love doing guitar workshops and can even be convinced to leave my beautiful country home for a guitar workshop or workshop/retreat  in your town!
If you think you might be interested in attending a future retreat, it’s a good idea to email me so that you can get on the list for early notice. 


Half-Day and One-Day Guitar Workshops

These workshops range in length from two to six hours are may be limited to as few as five or as many as ten participants. Topics vary (see some examples below), but here are some of the things you can expect from a workshop:

Learn how to figure out songs by ear

Get new techniques and patterns for accompaniment and rhythm playing

Discover the secret to soloing (even over changing tonal centers!)

Understand healthy body use

Demystify terms, symbols and concepts of music theory

Increase your confidence, make new friends and have fun!

Increase your knowledge of the fretboard – quickly!

Cost varies, depending on the location, material covered, and number of participants, but ranges from $50.00 – $150.00. Advance registration is required. Guitar workshops are typically held in central Texas. If you would like to organize a guitar workshop in your area, please email me.


Guitar Workshop/Retreats for Women

Guitar Workshop/Retreats offer female guitarists a nurturing, inspiring and serene environment in which to expand their playing skills and knowledge of the guitar. In addition to the benefits of the shorter guitar workshops (described above), participants have the opportunity to participate in nightly jam sessions, hike, meditate, take yoga classes, get a massage and indulge in healthy, delicious food The longer time frame (typically either two or three days) offers an opportunity to deeply relax and recharge, all while becoming a better guitar player!
The cost  is $325 for a Saturday/Sunday retreat and $450 for a 3-day weekend retreat. Cost includes all instruction (including guitar and, if you choose, yoga and meditation), materials and fabulous meals! Massage is available for an extra fee. Campsites are available at no charge and all participants are welcome to use the indoor shower and bath. A 16′  tipi is available and is priced according to the number of guests. It sleeps up to four people and provides a beautiful experience for nature lovers! (Email me for photos and prices.) There are also a number of B&B’s within a 5 – 10 mile drive.
Participants may be any level guitar player, but should have some knowledge of the guitar and be able to play first position chords. In order to ensure maximum productivity and comfort, workshop/retreat registrants will receive a questionnaire regarding playing level and goals, as well as dietary preferences.
Guitar Workshop/Retreats are held in the Texas Hill Country. They are limited to six  participants, with two more spots available, weather pending. A $200.00 deposit is required to register. For more information or to register, please contact Charlotte.


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Beginning Guitar Workshops  * (Check the calendar page for dates)

Here are some of the things you will learn in the beginning workshop:

find all of the notes on the guitar

read a chord chart and play basic chords

hold the guitar properly

correctly hold and use a pick

use standard right hand fingering for fingerstyle guitar

play two songs, using different strumming and fingerpicking patterns.

You will not only move quickly through the first stage of playing, you will also learn how to get the most out of your practice at home, so that you can continue progressing on your own. Be prepared to make tremendous progress in a short time, and have fun doing it!


Rhythm Workshops are two hours long and are for players of any level. Drum, chant, move, make noise and have fun! You’ll be amazed at how your sense of rhythm and knowledge of the musical language can expand in two hours!
Rhythm workshops are a perfect way to jumpstart creativity in the workplace. I will bring beautiful drums and various other percussive instruments to your place of business or a meeting place of your choice. I  tailor each workshop to the needs of the participants (musical experience not required!), who will surely come away inspired, energized, and excited!
Cost varies according to length of workshop, location and number of participants. Email me to request a workshop in your area or inquire about one already scheduled.


Other Workshops – Beginning Guitar, Learning to Play Lead Guitar, Play by Ear, Chord Melody, Ukulele, Creativity, Alternate Tunings, Workshops for Guitar Teachers, Pain-Free Clinics and more. Stay in touch with the calendar page for dates and pricing on upcoming guitar workshops or email me to request a workshop or workshop/retreat to suit your needs!


Please check the calendar for dates, times  and descriptions of  workshops. Email me with questions, requests or to reserve a spot.

Local guitar lessons and workshops are held outside of Wimberley, Texas, which is convenient to both San Antonio and Austin and between San Marcos and Dripping Springs.

Workshops will have a minimum of 5 participants and a maximum of 10. Class size is dependent on the type of workshop and the weather. Advance registration is required for all workshops. Te ensure a place, please try to make your reservation at least 30 days prior to a one-day event and 45 days for intensives or retreats. 

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Residents of Wimberley, Blanco, Dripping Springs, Austin and San Marcos, Texas are within driving distance for weekly guitar lessons and short workshops. Longer workshops are attended by people world-wide!



To inquire about private lessons or workshops with Charlotte, contact us.

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