Getting Started: Beginning Guitar

Getting Started: Instruction for Beginning Guitar Players

If you are interested in learning to play guitar and are looking for inexpensive, straightforward and effective instruction, you will love the guitar instructional program that I designed for the complete beginner. Getting Started is a guitar instruction program (book, CD and DVD) in which I demonstrate not only important beginning guitar techniques and exercises, but also address the questions and pitfalls that frustrate most beginning guitar students. The DVD contains excerpts from my next-level instructional course (Comprehensive Guitar Instruction) that are relevant to the beginning guitar player and will fill in many of the gaps that you might experience from working without personal instruction. The CD is a recording of all of the songs in the book, with tips added to help you play along.

The book includes nine commonly known songs that will help you learn to play guitar chords in an accompaniment style (both strumming and fingerpicking). The songs progress in a logical order, so that you learn a new guitar skill with each song – always challenged, but never over-faced. By listening to the CD repeatedly, you will pick up the rhythm and feel of each song. Watching the DVD will help you learn how to hold your guitar properly and position your arms and hands so that you can comfortably get the best sounds from your guitar!

In Getting Started, I also show you how to find the notes on the guitar and on the staff, which provides an introduction to the musical language and helps you read and understand charts for songs you want to play. Once you learn the songs and guitar accompaniment patterns in Getting Started, you will be able to use songs books and the Internet to play countless songs. (You can even get transcriptions of the songs of your choice through Music Transcription Services!)

In addition to learning notes, chords and technique, you will learn how to tune your guitar and change the strings and even how to sing with your own guitar playing. You will have questions answered that you didn’t even know you had!



If you you’re interested in learning how to quickly find and learn notes on the guitar, check out the video download “Fretboard Familiarity”.

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