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Would you like to receive weekly guitar lessons by email – for free? The lessons are filled with exercises and concepts that will help you move forward with your playing and stay inspired and motivated.
You should try this! It’s really easy to sign up and your email address is kept completely private. I will never use it to try to sell you anything. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can use the form below to do so. Read on to see what you can expect from the lessons and how you can prepare for them.
To subscribe to the Guitar Instruction Newsletter, please email me and put the word “Subscribe” in the subject box. (Feel free to write any messages, as well!) Weekly lessons will arrive in your mailbox on Tuesday mornings. Please look for the email containing your lesson and be sure to click on “add us to your address book”, to make sure you continue to receive them. 
These free e-lessons benefit players of all styles and levels. They include exercises to help you improve your technique and hone your ear and instruction in concepts that help you to understand and create the music you want to play. In addition, they offer valuable tools that enable you to learn more efficiently and make the most of every practice session.
* After subscribing, please look for the email containing your lesson on Tuesday mornings. Be sure to click on the link that says “add us to your address book”. You don’t want your lessons going to your junk box!


How to Get the Most From Your Newsletter Lessons  
The following tips will help you maximize the benefits of the free guitar lessons you receive in your weekly newsletter.
Your lessons will arrive in your mailbox on Tuesday mornings. You will probably want to start by making a folder to keep all of them in. The lessons will be numbered, so they will easy for you to reference. (*If you don’t begin taking the lessons from the first publication, don’t worry – as a subscriber, you can access the most recent 20 lessons in the newsletter archives.) It’s important to be able to refer to previous lessons, as there may be times when you might want to review concepts or exercises from earlier lessons or include them in something you are working on. Having them all in one folder on your computer makes them easy to find and puts you in possession of a lot of powerful information that you can refer to indefinitely.
Some of the suggestions and assignments in your newsletters will not even require a guitar – they will ask you to focus on specific mental work, listening or ear training. Most of the lessons, however, will include assignments that you will play on your guitar, so you might want to gather your guitar stuff – you know, things like tuner, capo, picks, metronome and, if possible, a simple way to record yourself. (You might have a phone that you can use for this. If you do, you can probably also take advantage of apps that are available for tuner, metronome and more.)
You should also gather a list of songs you want to play. Because all of you who are receiving the lessons are at different levels and have individual musical preferences, we won’t be working on specific songs. I will, however, teach you things that you can apply to the music of your choice, so start thinking about what is the music of your choice, if you’re not already sure!
One more thing – if you haven’t already read “The Basics” on the site, check it out. Even if you are an experienced player, it won’t hurt to see what’s there.
I hope you enjoy the newsletter lessons. Please know that if at any time you would like extra help, you can schedule one-on-one time with me by following the instructions on this pageWebcam lessons are fun and easy and they work really well!


*To access the archives, click on the link at the top right side of your email  that says “view it in your browser”. Once you have brought up the lesson in your browser, click on the button at the top of the page that says “view past issues”The menu will also allow you to subscribe, like, comment, share or tweet.


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