Email Response: Guitar Workshops

The following is a response I wrote to someone who asked exactly what we do in workshops. I thought it might be helpful to other people who are considering attending.

By the way – the person who inquired did attend the workshop, had a great time and felt that he learned a tremendous amount. He was an excellent student and fit right into our “casual atmosphere”.

Thanks for asking about the workshop. I understand that it can be difficult to throw yourself into the unknown! Because workshops vary according to the needs of the participants, I can’t really give you a “play by play”, but I can certainly fill you in on the general format.

I plan to begin this workshop by working with the whole group. I will help you “speed-learn” the fretboard, work a bit with technique and then get into the theory and concepts necessary for lead playing. We will then split into smaller groups to work with the concepts and techniques. You can work with people who are at a similar level, although it’s not always necessary to do so. I will bring the large group together off and on through the day, as is appropriate.

When we split into smaller groups, I can help you with your individual needs. I can also work with you privately, when and if that is helpful to you. My motto is “do what’s called for”. It’s fun that way – and productive.

None of the day will be about pressure or being “on the spot”. You mentioned some concern over your “bad habits” and lack of experience in playing with others. The good news is – you won’t be alone! Everyone has “bad habits” and their own issues to address. My goal is to provide a safe environment for breaking out of old patterns and discovering new ways of looking at and connecting to the fretboard. People always have a lot of fun and are amazed at how much information they can acquire in a short time. You won’t be able to use it all in one day – the idea is to have plenty to take home and work with.

I will email you a questionnaire in advance, which will give me an idea of your current abilities and what you would like to get from the workshop. It doesn’t take long to fill out and send back, if you don’t mind. It’s not a requirement, but will obviously help me give you the most in the time that we have.

I will provide lunch and materials, so all you need is your guitar – acoustic or electric. (If you bring electric, you’ll need to bring your own amp, and be prepared to move it from room to room.)

Workshops are a blast and we all always come away high off of the experience. Hope you can join us!

Thanks –

For more information or to register for workshops, contact us.