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Guitar Instruction
by Charlotte Adams

Basic chords, learning the fretboard; accompaniment and rhythm playing; single notes, scales & melodies; ear training; note reading, memorization and learning tactics; theory and practice of lead playing. DVD /Includes 2 enclosures
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Getting Started
A Beginner’s Guide to Guitar Playing

For the complete beginner: chords, accompaniment techniques and essential information about the musical language and the instrument, including parts of the guitar, how to tune, how to change strings, proper technique, notes on the fretboard and staff, chord progressions, strumming and fingerpicking patterns, songs to sing and play, and more. 41 pages, cd, dvd

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Moving On
Beyond the Basics of Guitar Playing

For the guitarist who has experience playing in the first position and is ready to begin using the entire fretboard to play chords, scales and melodies. Topics covered include: rhythm, barre chords and moveable chords, right-hand accompaniment patterns, bass lines and fills, scales and note reading 64-page book, cd

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A Guitar Player’s Guide to
Music Theory

For the beginning guitarist and the seasoned player alike. Topics covered include: the staff, time signatures, key signatures, scales, chord construction, the circle of fifths, transposing and more. Worksheets and answer sheets provided.
88 pages spiral bound

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A Guitar Player’s Guide to
Ear Training

For beginning and intermediate guitarists. Topics include: recognizing and writing intervals, chord qualities and melodies; sight-singing and guitar-specific tips. 42 page workbook/manual and 2 cd set (135 min.)

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Learning to Play
Lead Guitar

For the guitarist who is in command of the basics and is ready to expand into playing leads. Topics covered include: methods for efficient learning, aural comprehension, scales, arpeggios, transcription and analysis, technique and style, cultivating creativity, balanced performance and more!

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30-Minute Lesson


45-Minute Lesson


One-Hour Lesson


Package of (4)
One-Hour Lessons

100% Cotton, Beefy-T:
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Guitar Instruction
by Charlotte Adams

Downloadable Videos

Metronome Use
Fretboard Familiarity
Pain-Free Guitar Playing

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Also available on DVD – $9.95

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Woman to Woman Guitar
A Complete
Guitar Instruction Course
by Charlotte Adams

Accompaniment and Rhythm Playing, Lead Playing, Learning Tactics, Ear Training and more.

DVD $29.95
Includes two enclosures / 85 minutes

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The original video – This is the same content as Comprehensive Guitar,
but with a focus on women.


Motivation, Inspiration, Organization, Memorization

Handmade album includes 10 unique decks of cards for study.$39.95

Now Available: Buy the five most popular decks in a royal blue velveteen pouch:
Notes on the Fretboard/Notes on the Staff, Chord Qualities; Scales and Modes, Chord Tones, Intervals

*Full album out of stock. 5-deck set currently available.

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Package #1 – Starter
Getting Started plus one 45-minute private lesson by Skype – $47.95 (save $12.00)

Package #2 – One of Each
Getting Started, Moving On, A Guitar Player’s Guide to Music Theory, A Guitar Player’s Guide to Ear Training, Learning to Play Lead Guitar and Comprehensive Guitar Instruction (DVD) – $95.70 (save $20.00)

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