Living According to the Natural Cycles

I choose to live in the country and adhere to a natural lifestyle. I wake up every day with the first light and I spend approximately two hours in quiet before getting to work. Only after I have completed my morning program of exercise and meditation and have finished feeding all of my animals do I become available to other humans.

I have managed for many years to be very productive and to successfully interface with the outside world, not in spite of, but because of my habit of listening to Nature and following her rhythms. My body likes it. My emotions thrive on it. And my creativity demands it.

And so, tomorrow I will change the clock and attempt to find a balance between the rhythm of my body and the false rhythm of the business world. I don’t plan to tell my horses or cats or the many wild and beautiful animals and plants who grace my presence, though, and so I will so be feeding and watering at a different “time.”

Happy Spring to all!


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