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If you like learning from videos, then you will love the Guitar Instruction Library! Subscribers are able to access a wide variety of tutorial videos, plus audio files to both learn and practice ear training and printable files, such as worksheets for ear training and theory and blank chord diagrams, staff paper, and chord charts.


The Videos in the library include the complete Comprehensive Guitar DVD plus individual tutorials such as Metronome Use for Guitar Players, Fretboard Familiarity, Pain Free Playing, all nine chapters from the course A Guitar Player’s Guide to Music Theory, and an ever growing collection of miscellaneous topics such as ligado technique (hammer-on and pull-off), finger exercises, dynamics, fingerstyle technique, bass lines, double-stops, arpeggios from scale patterns, playing intervals from within the scale patterns, harmonics, alternate tunings and more. (Please note: most of the tutorials in the miscellaneous category will be loaded when the library is launched; others will be added in the weeks and months following.)


Audio files include, but are not limited to, backing tracks, such as I – IV – V and ii – V – I progressions around the circle, blues progressions in various keys and tempos and ear training instruction and drills (all of  the material from the 2 CD’s that come with A Guitar Player’s Guide to Ear Training as well as extra audio files for practicing all of the skills in the ear training course)


Discounts for Subscribers

Library subscribers get a 15% discount on all books

Subscription rate: $39 for the first year and $10 for each subsequent year.
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